Flexible Managed Services

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace Management

Enhance your productivity and collaboration with our specialized management services for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Our offerings include configuration and license management, data backup, and implementing security best practices.

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Server Management

Ensure the optimal performance and security of your servers with our comprehensive Server Management service. We offer asset documentation, uptime monitoring, configuration management, patching, backup management, and 24/7 threat analysis, among other key features. 

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Network Management

Keep your network running smoothly with our Network Management service. We provide critical monitoring, asset documentation, configuration management, firmware patching, and remote remediation services to maintain network integrity.

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Identity & Access Management

Secure and streamline your identity management processes. Our service includes account documentation, role and permissions management, password management software, and email signature management.

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Computer Management

Our Computer Management service ensures your computers are always up-to-date and secure. We handle asset documentation, patching, monitoring, and provide advanced endpoint detection and response, along with SOC support.

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Mobile Device Management

Stay in control of your mobile devices with our Mobile Device Management service. We manage everything from asset documentation to operating system patching, ensuring your devices are secure and performing optimally.

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Help Desk

Get reliable and unlimited support with our Help Desk service. We offer contact via email, phone, and a ticketing system, providing unlimited triage and L1 support along with escalation for higher-level needs.

Remote Support

Quick and efficient problem-solving with our Remote Support services, offering L2 and L3 support through remote access to your systems, ensuring minimal downtime.

Onsite Support

Dependable onsite support for critical issues. Our team provides L2 and L3 support directly at your premises, ensuring complex problems are resolved in person.

Technology Reviews

Stay ahead with our Technology Reviews, offering ongoing assessments of your IT infrastructure to identify issues, risks, and provide actionable recommendations.

Strategy & Planning

Plan for the future with our Strategy & Planning service. We conduct reviews, discussions, and planning sessions to align your IT strategy with business goals, covering risks, solutions, and process improvements.


Whether it's deploying new technology, upgrading existing systems, or undertaking significant IT initiatives, our expert team will manage and execute your IT projects from start to finish.

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